Pedigree: Una vom Alt-Ostland Pedigree for Una vom Alt-Ostland
PURE DDR Linebred on Zorro vom Laager Wall& Neumann's Jim

V(USA) Henry vom Ödland
OFA Good, EL/PA/CA/TH normal
SZ-2095877 ZL:XI-E (blk sable)
AKC-DN03431101UKC# P498-091

SG-Nando von den Gnitzer Hohen
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-2 Lbz a normal
SZ 1826406 ZL:XI-E (sable)

V-Zorro vom Laager Wall
SchH3 FH Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
DDR-137140 ZL:XI-E (sable)

Körbericht 5543/55

V-Artus von der Westendhohe
SchH2 FH Kkl* a-zuerkannt
DDR 104997 ZL:XI-E (sable)
Körbericht 5543/44

SG-Lady vom Laager Wall
SchH2 FH ZtP Kkl* Lbz a-zuerkannt
DDR-107209 ZL:XIII-A (sable)
Kör 5547/43

V-Dela vom Zisawinkel
SchH1 FH2 Kkl* Lbz a-normal
DDR-132773 ZL:XI-A (blk-br)

Körbericht 5546/44

V-Black vom Babylon
SchH2 FH2 Kkl* a-normal
DDR-111711 ZL:XI-A (blk-br)
Kör 5547/43

SG Yris vom Osterberg
SchHI Kkl* a-zuerkannt
DDR-81086 ZL:XI-A (blk-br)
Kör 5443/33

V-Tinka vom Ödland
SchH1 Kkl-1 Lbz a-fast normal
SZ-1991040 ZL:XII (dk sable)

SG-Filou vom Kaolinsee
SchH2 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
DDR-156330 ZL:XII (blk-br)

V-Mentor vom Haus Iris
SchH3 FH1 PSH2 Kkl-1 a-normal
DDR-118772 ZL:XII (sable)
Kör 6546/44

V-Bessy vom Kaolinsee
SchH2 Kkl* a-zuerkannt
DDR-112450 ZL:XI-B (blk-br)
ZTP 4447/22

SG-Lea vom Ödland
SchH1 Kkl-2 Lbz a-noch zugelassen
SZ-1891400 ZL:V-A (blk sable)

G-Klockow's Rex
SchH2 FH Kkl-2 Lbz a-normal
DDR-169654 ZL:V-A (blk sable)
Neumann's Jim son

SG-Jola vom Hünenkessel
FH Kkl* a-normal
DDR-146328 ZL:V-A

SG-Pia vom Flossgraben
SchH1 AD BH a-normal
SZ-2079835 ZL:XI-E (sable/mask)
AKC# DN19126601, UKC# P594-296

G-Cesar vom Ellernbach
SchH1 Kkl-1 a-normal
DDR 169556 ZL:XI-E (sable)

V-Pele vom Kiebitzmoor
SchH3 Kkl*(DDR) a-zuerkannt
DDR 131941 ZL:XI-E (sable)
Kör: 6446/44

Falko von der Buschecke
SchH1 Kkl*(DDR)a-zuerkannt
DDR 114769 ZL:XI-E
ZTP 5547/33

Cindy vom Kiebitzmoor
SchH2 Kkl*(DDR) a-zuerkannt
DDR 106048 ZL:XI-A
Kör: 5546/44

SG-Afra vom Ellernbach
PSH1 Kkl*(DDR)a-zuerkannt
DDR 155262 ZL:XI-A

Karoll vom Kiebitzmoor
SchH3 FH1 Kkl*(DDR)a-zuerkannt
DDR 121623 ZL:XI-A
Kör: 5446/44

Quinta vom Oldtimer
FH1 Kkl* a-zuerkannt
DDR 138993 ZL:XI-B (blk-br)
ZTP 5437/22

G-Jule vom Flossgraben
SchH1 Kkl-2 Lbz a-fast normal
SZ-1961580 ZL:V-A (blk-tan)

V-Duran vom Weidegang
SchH3 IPO3 Kk-1 Lbz a-normal
SZ-1871877 ZL:V-A (blk-br)

SG-Condor von ded Tonteichen
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
DDR 170304 ZL:V-A (blk-br)
Neumann's Jim son

SG-Dsheta von den Gnitzer Höhen
SchH1 Kkl* Lbz a-zuerkannt
DDR 161597 ZL:XI-E (sable)
Zorro v Laager Wall daughter

V-Fee vom Templiner Eck
SchH1 PSH1 FH Kkl*(DDR)a-normal
DDR 160621 ZL:XI-A

V-Nado von Lentulo
SchH3 FH Kkl-1 a-zuerkannt
DDR 148439 ZL:XI-A (blk-br)

Kora von Trafalga
FH Kkl*(DDR) a-zuerkannt
DDR 143477 ZL:XI-A

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OFA Good. EL/CA Normal  AKC DN23673101 UKC P608-119 ZL:XI-E
This little land shark bites hard and bites for keeps.   Una is a handful!  In her first show ever, at only 15 weeks old, Una took a  
Best Puppy in Show and a Reserve Best Puppy in Show!!  The Judges love her, both in conformation and drives!  At 17 weeks,
she went
Best in Show Puppy in all three shows, under all 3 Judges.   Baby Una finished the requirements for her UKC CH in two
outings at barely 6 months old, with 4 Best Female over competition, 3 Best of Breed, a Group 1 and two Group 2's!  
GRAND CHAMPION followed close behind with many group wins.
for more great pics of Una growing up
pictured here at 10 months of age
ON September 18/19,  2010 at the  Sooner Sieger show in Oklahoma City, Una earned her International Championship
with 3 V-1's, 3  Best of Breed, a Grp 1 and 2 group 3's.  Here are a few comments from the judges' written critiques:
Nice solid balanced female; Excellent coat, good condition and texture; Typey, well-balanced head; Correct bite; Eyes dark, well shaped, expressive;
Ears erect, well set and carried; Excellent chest - deep, developed; Excellent front, strong and straight, good bone;  Excellent rear, well angulated and
solid; Level topline, correct slope;  Excellent tail, well set, good length;  Smooth correct movement - nice go-round.