Pedigree: Troas von Haus Cimmerian Pedigree for Troas von Haus Cimmerian

V Iltis von der Wildsau
SchH3 IPO3 AD BH Kkl-1 a-normal
SZ/2011328 ZL:XIII-A (dk sable)

V-Don von Haus Iris
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-1 a-normal ZW:89
SZ-1801343 ZL:XIII-A (dk sable)

V-Alf v Körnersee
SchH3 PSH1 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
DDR-132543 ZL: XIII-A (dk sable)

SG-Gabi von der alten Wassermühle
SchH3 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal ZW:83
DDR-163797 ZL: V-A (*dk sable)

SG Gerdi von der Wildsau
SchH3 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
SZ 1833940 ZL:V-A (sable)

SG-Zorro von der Wildsau
SchH2 Kkl* Lbz a-normal
DDR-158260 ZL:V-A (sable)

Quenda von der Wildsau
SchH2 FH PFH PSH1 Kkl* a-zuerkannt
DDR-140799 ZL:XI-B (sable)

Franka vom Felsenschloss
AD BH a-normal
SZ 2053474 ZL:XIII-A (dk sable)

SG-Muchta vom Schwarzhorn
SchH3 FH Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
SZ-1906208 ZL: XIII-A (dk sable)

V-Don vom Haus Iris
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
SZ-1801343 ZL: XIII-A (dk sable)

SG-Fina vom Dammerland
SchH1 Kkl- a-normal
SZ-1802484 ZL:V-A (sable)
(CH. Neumann's Jim daughter)

Fenia vom Zentaur
SchH3 Kkl-2 Lbz a-fast normal
SZ-1839797 ZL:XI-D (sable)

V-Utz von den Zwei Steinen
SchH3 FH Kkl a-zuerkannt
Kör: 5546/44
DDR 146938 ZL: XI-D (sable)

SG-Jette vom Pottsdamer Land
SchH3 FH1 Kkl Lbz a-normal
DDR 152748 ZL: XI-E

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PURE DDR,  Born Aug 2007  AKC# DN19306707   UKC P661-095
Troas is a handsome young male with an interesting pedigree free of Sven and Tino.
One of his greatest atributes, Troas  is linebred 2-3 on the great
Don vom Haus Iris,
and more distantly on DDR greats Held v Ritterberg, Bodo v Grafental and Don v Rolandsteich.
He is an interesting stud for owners of Sven-Tino descendants looking to diversify their bloodlines.  
Troas was purchased with a friend, and is co-owned,  shown and managed by Alt-Ostland.
Sire:  V-Iltis vd Wildsau
SchH3 IPO3 AD BH Kkl-1 a-normal
Dam: Franka v Felsenschloss
BH AD  a-normal
Franka's Sire:
SG-Muchta v Schwarzhorn SchH3 FH (LGA)
G-Franka's Dam:
Fenia v Zentaur SchH2 Kkl-2
On New Year's weekend 2011, Troas earned his National Championship at the International Show in Belton, TX. With 2 V1's, 2
Best of Breed, and 2 V2's.
Here are a few of the judges' comments from their written critiques:
Strong moving, well-presented dog; Very showy solid work dog, Very good condition; harsh dense coat, good texture, correct rich
color; Very correct head; Correct scissor bite with full dentition; Dark almond eyes, alert and expressive; Erect ears, well set and
placed; Deep, well-developed chest;  Nice front assembly, good bone and angles; Strong rear, well-muscled and well angulated;  
topline good length; Tail well set and carried; Good trot, long stride and good reach - nice action.

Troas is also a UKC CHAMPION, with numerous Best Male, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and Group placements.