Alt-Ostland is exceedingly honored to present this outstanding dog. He has an outstanding physique,
with the broadest chest I've seen on a GSD. And he has a wonderful temperament and drives to match.

It should be noted that Peter's great grandsire Markant aus Westsachsen SchH3 PSH3 DDR-registered,  
goes back to a WGR sire, Rex v Erlenbrunnen.
Pedigree: INTERNATIONAL & UKC CHAMPION Peter vom Gleisdreieck, DDR Pedigree for INTERNATIONAL & UKC CHAMPION Peter vom Gleisdreieck, DDR
SZ-2093882 a-normal ZW:71

V-Cliff vom Osterburgeck
SchH3 Kkl-1 a-normal ZW: 69
SZ 2001291 ZL: XI-D (black)
Mittelgroß, mittelkräftig, guter Ausdruck, kräftiger Kopf, normaler Widderist, fester Rücken, Kruppe sollte noch etwas länger sein. Der Oberarm sollte schräger liegen; die Hinterhand ist och gut gewinkelt; korrekte Rippenund Brustverhältnisse; Gute Aktionen in der Bewegung.

G-Brando von der Marderklause
SchH3 Kkl-2 Lbz a-fast normal ZW:89
SZ-1813132 ZL: XI D (sable)

SG-Irko vom Peri-Hof
BSP SchH3 FH PSH1 IPO3 Kkl-2 a-normal
DDR-156653 ZL: XI D (sable)

SG-Odett von der Marderklause
SchH3 FH Kkl* Lbz a-normal
DDR-154735 ZL:XI-B (sable)

SG-Gundi vom Gräfental
SchH1 Kkl* a-normal ZW:78
SZ-1802922 ZL: XIII-A (blk-br)

V-Alf vom Körnersee
SchH3 PSH1Kkl-1 a-normal
DDR-132543 ZL: XIII-A (sable)

SG-Tapsi vom Parchimer Land
SchH1 Kkl* a-normal
DDR-156817 ZL:XI-B (blk-br)

G-Meggy vom Gleisdreieck
SchH2 Kkl-2 a-normal ZW:78
SZ-1944005 ZL:V-A (sable)

Mittelgroß, mittelkräftig, gestreckt und nicht vollendet fest. Sehr schöner Kopf mit korrektem Ohr und kräftigem Fang. Normale Brustaustiefung, Unterbrust ist kurz. Beide Unterarme nicht korrekt. Normale Winkelungen der Vor- und Hinterhand. Temperamentvolles Gangwerk mit noch genügender Schrittweite. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt; läßt nicht ab.
V. Unterstützt durch beeindruckende schwarz-graue Farbe sehr schöner Ausdruck.

G Mingo vom Rummelplatz
SchH3 FH IPO2 Kkl-2 Lbz a-normal ZW:87
DDR-155351 ZL: V-A (sable)

V-Markant aus Westsachsen
SchH3 FH3 PSH3 Kkl* a-normal
DDR-137287 ZL:V-A (blk-br)


SG Cilli vom Rummelplatz
SchH2 Kkl* a-normal
DDR 114917 ZL: XI-B (sable)

Out of 4x DDR-MS Competitor
Trutz v Schweinitzer Dorfchen

SG-Venus vom Gleisdreieck
SchH3 Kkl* a-normal
DDR 159319 ZL: XI-D (sable)

2 x Europameister
SG-Lord v Gleisdreieck
SchH3 FH3 Kkl-1 a-normal
DDR-131345 ZL: XI D (sable)

G Pippi vom Gleisdreieck
SchH2 FH Kkl* a-normal
DDR 141377 ZL: XI-A (sable)

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Another DDR stud dog with lines free of Sven-Tino-Sando.  This is an exciting pedigree for DDR enthusiasts who want strong working heritage, with some of
the best East German working dogs, evidenced by participation in the higher level trials.  Peter’s grandsires were Brando vd Marderklause  (
LGA x4) and
Mingo v Rummelplatz ( 2x BSP).  Peter's paternal great-grandsire, Irko v Peri-Hof SchH3, was a DDR Meisterschaft Sieger and BSP/3x LGA competitor.  
Peter is also linebred 4-3 on the legendary Lord v Gleisdreieck SchH3 FH3, 3x DDR Meisterschaft SGR, and 2x Europameister. Lord’s dam, Blacky v
Gleisdreieck SchH3 FH3, was a
4x DDR MS competitor, twice Siegerin and twice Vice-Siegerin.  Blacky’s full older sister, Afra v Gleisdreieck SchH3 FH3
PSH3, also in Peter’s pedigree, was a
5x DDR-MS competitor, 3x Siegerin and 2x Vice-Siegerin, and said by many who remember seeing her work, to be
possibly the best working bitch ever.  Blacky/Afra were sired by Hondo v Haus Welsch SchH3 FH3, a
4x DDR MS competitor.
DDR GERMAN IMPORT AD BH (SchH-trained, security K9)   ZL:XI-D
SZ- 2093882      AKC #DN15777801     UKC #P594-331
a-normal  ZW:70
 Cardiac, Patellas and Thyroid OFA certified normal, DM CLEAR n/n
Peter is 25 inches tall, and weighs 85 lbs

SchH3 AD BH Kkl-1 a-normal  ZW:69
SchH2 AD BH Kkl-2 a-normal ZW:78
On Jan 31-Feb 1, 2009, Peter earned his International Championship with strong competition.  
Here are a few comments from the judges' critiques:
Strong, Muscular mature male, very showy, balanced movement, well put together, looks capable of doing job; correct coarse double coat, good texture and
condition; head well balanced, in proprtion, pleasing expression; correct scissor bite; med brown almond shaped eyes; properly placed erect ears,
well-developed chest with deep, well-sprung ribs; good bone, good front angulation, rear angulation mirrors correct front; proper topline, level from withers
to croup, holds firm; correct tail carried well, ground-covering movement.
V1 from Judges Jane Roppolo, Judy Bennet, and Luane Williams

In his first UKC show in Hutto Feb 7-8 2009, Peter went Best of Winners twice over strong competition, and needed just one more win for his UKC
Championship.  He got that win, and finished in style at the UKC show in Jefferson, TX on Feb 21, with Best of Breed and Group 2!